b"Moss & Barnett While our ability to participate as in-person volunteers Spirit of Giving M&B Cares was limited due to COVID-19 considerations, M&B Cares was able to contribute to these service projects in 2020:FamilyWiseWhile we pursue our professional goals, we also endeavor to improve the quality of life in our communities andfamilywiseservices.orgaround the world. Members of the Moss & Barnett team apply the same dedication to service by making significantM&B Cares collected healthy snacks and toys for FamilyWise, contributions of their time and resources to charitable organizations important to all of us. a non-profit organization that offers supervised parenting and safe exchanges between non-custodial parents and their children The Minneapolis Foundation Fund for Safe Communities in a safe environment in one of its five locations.In keeping with the Moss & Barnett tradition of helping outHope Academy School Supply Drivewith relief funding for community crises and major naturalhopeschool.orgdisasters, our board of directors determined to contribute to The Minneapolis Foundation Fund for Safe Communities byM&B Cares was pleased to again sponsor a school supply drive matching employee contributions up to $10,000. The firmsthis yearthis time for a 1st grade classroom of 20 students at Hope Academy, a diverse K-12th grade inner city school located employees stepped up to the plate and met that challenge,in Minneapolis, Minnesota.which the firm then matched. The Minneapolis Foundation Pictured from left to right: Jana Aune Deach and Andy Malecrecently announced that it has awarded over $500,000 in grants to support 40 community-based groups that are using a broadSneakers for Soldiersspectrum of approaches and strategies to serve Twin Cities residents in the aftermath of George Floyds tragic death. Wesneakersforsoldiers.orgsupport and applaud the Fund for its community efforts to pursueM&B Cares collected cash donations in support of Sneakers for justice, equity, and healing. To learn more, visit their website:Soldiers that provides athletic shoes to deployed combat troops minneapolisfoundation.org/fund-for-safe-communities from all branches of the military. The soldiers are able to select the brand and style that best fits their feet and their needs. We were able provide 21 pairs of customized sneakers to our brave men Breaking Free and women in the military.This holiday seasonand for the past eight yearsthe women attorneys of Moss & Barnett adopted families who are in theBeyond New BeginningsWomens Program at the non-profit Breaking Free. Breaking Free helps hundreds of women escape systems of prostitution andbeyondnewbeginnings.comsexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education. Our attorneys supply and wrap gifts and gift cards toM&B Cares made a cash donation to Beyond New Beginnings, a fulfill each family's wish list, helping to ensure that these families have a joyful holiday. In addition to our women attorneys adoptingnon-profit organization dedicated to supporting young families Breaking Free families every holiday season, Moss & Barnetts employees donate their time and various daily items in need throughoutby providing safe, secure housing, programming, and high-quality the year. To learn more about Breaking Free, visit breakingfree.net. child care to those currently enrolled or graduated from the New Beginnings program. Breaking Free provides a comprehensive response to the complex problem of Hope Academy Christmas Book Giveawaysex trafficking by providing services and housing to the victims, educating law hopeschool.org/Christmasbooksenforcement and the judicial system, and raising public awareness. SupportingM&B Cares made a cash donation to the Hope Academy Breaking Free aids in the prevention of trafficking and implementing long-term Christmas Book Giveaway so that each of the schools studentswould receive a set of two gift-wrapped books. Hope Academy social change. is a private inner-city school serving urban youth located in - Jana Aune Deach, Moss & Barnett Attorney Minneapolis, Minnesota.8 9"